North Elmsley Township           

Doorway to the Past

Second Limited Edition now available

      Celebrating the 200th anniversary of North Elmsley         Township in 2016, this 312 page heritage book includes nearly 300 pictures, and describes the historical, genealogical and municipal beginnings of Elmsley Township.  The founding families are featured as well as the hamlets of Port Elmsley, Oliver’s Ferry, Rideau Ferry, MacCue, Glen View and Elm Grove.  Family surnames include:  Armstrong, Best, Beveridge, Buchanan, Campbell, Conn, Coutts, Dowson, Forde, Freeland, Frizell, Gallagher, Grierson, Healey, Huddleston, Hughes, King, Lyle, McCue/Diamond, McElhinny, McKay, McKinley, McLaren, McLean, McNab, McPherson, McTavish, McVeetty, Moore, Murray, Nicol, O’Hara, Oliver, Poole, Porritt, Pye, Richardson, Robson, Ross, Shaw, Sherwood, Smith, Spalding, Stephens, Stone, Weatherhead, Williamson-Gunn, Wilson, Wood, Woods.

The authors: Shirley Jones-Wellman, Michael McEwen, Irene Spence, and Jim Winton.  A limited number of books have been printed at a cost of $30.00 each. 

On Sale at Archives Lanark, Drummond Centre, On-Line, or call 613 267-2232 or 613 430-4785


Archives Lanark grateful recipient  of $25,000 Donation


Archives Lanark has benefited in a big way from a Canada 150 decision to support heritage causes.   The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group, which has a Perth division, is celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary by supporting heritage causes in the Ontario communities that the home, farm and auto insurance company serves.  Archives Lanark is one of six Ontario organizations to receive a donation.

The presentation was made August 25 at the Archives by the Commonwell representatives, Miki Paczek (3rd from right) and Gene Richardson (3rd from left).  Board Chair and Treasurer, Frances Rathwell. and Grant McFarlane accepted the donation.   Wendy Roberts, Irene Spence, Karen Prytula and George Stewart are also in the picture.


 Book Launch - Rural Schools of Montague 

After years of work by many volunteers of Archives Lanark, the "Rural Schools of Montague" is finally published. The book launch will be at the Harvest Festival on Sunday, Sept.10 at the Beckwith Park on the 9th line, down from the Township Office at Black's Corners. Since Montague is the featured township this year, Archives Lanark will have a sales table as part of their display in the Coverall. 

As in the previous 8 books in the series, the hard cover book sells for $45 (no tax) and only 150 books have been published . The previous books only covered the one room schools until the amalgamations took place in the late 1960's, but a few months ago, it was decided to include the Harper Condie & Montague Central Schools since they were opened long before the newest school was built and still served the rural area. The latest photo of students used was in 1980. 

In addition, Archives Lanark has been given the copyright to "Doorways of the Past",the comprehensive history of North Elmsley, published last year by four authors.  The second print edition will also be available on September 10.

Exciting times for the archives as the volunteers have been quite busy serving people visiting from all over North America. It's truly rewarding to see the joy on their faces when original documents bearing their ancestor's name are found. The recent surprise announcement from the Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group has also truly boosted our spirits.

The archives is open every Friday & Saturday from 10-3 until Thanksgiving weekend when we revert to winter hours of the first & third Friday and the second & fourth Saturday. 

For more info check the website or call Marilyn  (the author) at 613 256-3130.



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Every Friday and Saturday until October 7, 2017 


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 Closed on Remembrance Day November 11, and Christmas week December 23 and 30



Rural School Books - Montague,

Drummond, Lanark, & North Elmsley  

Published by Archives Lanark the books cover the history of education as it played out in each of the townships within Lanark County from the early days of the 19th century through to 1967-68 when the rural schools closed.  With the closures, children were bussed from all corners of each township to a centrally located public school.

Handsomely bound, the hard-cover limited editions sell for $45.

Available at Archives Lanark or On-Line Orders (shipping extra) 



Lanark County’s Mammoth Cheese

and its Place in Cheese-making History

On April 25, 1893, the largest cheddar cheese ever manufactured anywhere in the world arrived via a Canadian Pacific Railway car from Perth, Ontario at the grounds of the World’s Columbian Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois. As it travelled the 720 miles (1,150 kilometres) to Chicago, its massive 22,000 pounds (10,000 kilograms) weight snapped the railway car truss rods four times and as it was dragged into its exhibit space, the "Canadian Mite" crashed through the floor of the Dairy Pavilion.

It survived the mishaps, six months of unrefrigerated display in summer heat, a rail journey to Montreal and a voyage across the Atlantic to England where it was sold, sound and tasty, to be enjoyed by English consumers.

Cheese Stakes explores the story of the Mammoth Cheese in the context of its place in a long tradition of oversized cheeses, and examines the remarkable, never to be repeated, achievement it represented in the annals of the cheesemakers’ art.

Available at Archives Lanark for $25 or              

on-line from