Volunteers at the Archives Lanark may conduct research for people who are unable to get to Archives Lanark themselves. This research is limited to material that is contained in the collections at Archives Lanark.

1. Archives Lanark volunteers cannot spend time researching non-Lanark County-specific information or information that is readily available from other sources. Civil registration started in Ontario in 1869 and birth, marriage and death registrations are available on microfilm through the Latter Day Saints' Family History Centres and online at http://www.ancestry.ca.

2. A person requesting information must provide:

  • their full name and mailing address
  • as much information as possible with the initial request, such as names and dates of known relatives, religion and any known contacts with Lanark County.

To prevent duplication of effort, a person requesting information must supply all pertinent information they have already discovered. Archives Lanark reserves the right to suggest sources for information that must be supplied in order for the Archives Lanark search to have a reasonable chance of success.

3. The rate for significant research is $20. per hour with a minimum charge of $40., payable in advance, to cover the first two hours. The fee for additional hours or part hours is $20. each.  Charges cover time expended by Volunteer researchers and do not guarantee successful results.   At the discretion of the Research Co-ordinator there will be no charge for a "minimal effort" response such as a very simple lookup or suggesting alternate research sources.

4. The minimum charge for Opening by Appointment  for two hours research is also $40. and $20. for each hour or part hour thereafter. 

5. Copies will be charged at $1 dollar a page, except for deeds, wills, land record books and other difficult-to-copy documents which will be charged at $2.00 per page.

6.  Clients will be provided with an estimated cost should additional time or costs be necessary to complete the requested research. 

7. Cheques are payable to;

Archives Lanark.
P.O. Box 20146,
Perth, Ontario, Canada, K7H 3M6

 8. E-mail inquiries, addressed to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   should contain the information specified in item 2

 9. Once your research cost has been calculated and/or estimated, you can pay using PayPal via the button below.   PayPal accepts most credit cards.