Checklist of Parish Registers 1981- Repertoire de registres paroissiaux 1981

The Diary of Deaths of Rev. John Macdonald (R.C.) c.1838 c.1866

The Brevity of Father John MacDonald Companion book to the "Diary of Deaths" Tythes, Masses & Notes

BOOKS - Lanark County

List of Clergy and Ministers of Various Denominations in Canada West, Church of England and Ireland

Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms: Bytown, Ottawa, Nineteenth Century

St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church Smiths Falls, Ontario: Registry Book

Arnprior Albert Street Cemetery, renfrew County, McNab Twsp, Arnprior, Ont.

Renfrew Public Cemetery (Thomsonhill Cemetery) (Thomsonville Cemetery Renfrew County Horton Township Concession 1 Lot 8


Almonte Heritage Day 21 February 1977 - A Series of Articles Produced for the North Lanark Historical Society  

Decoration and Memorial Service at Auld Kirk Cemetery, August 15th, 1982

Auld Kirk, Ramsay Built in 1835-1836

The Blacksmith of Fallbrook

History of Prospect

St. Fillan's Relics

The Story of the Derry

Scotch Corners Remembered

The Flourishing Tree

Beckwith Irish and Scottish Identities in a Canadian Community: An account of two transplanted cultural communities, their adjustment to Upper Canadian frontier farming, their response to demographic constraints and industrialisation, and the transformation of their idenbtities between 1816 and 1991

Pioneer Era and Memoirs: St. Bridget's Stanleyville & North Burgess

On Darling Township

A History of Drummond Township

The History of Herron's Mills on the Clyde

The Caldwells of Lanark and Other Stories

The Story of Lanark and District On the Occasion of The 100th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Village of Lanark

Over a Century of Firefighting 1878-1984

The History of St. Andrew's United Church Lanark, Ontario 1821-1996

St. Andrew's Centenary: A History of St. Andrew's Church in the Village of Lanark for the Past One Hundred Years

Township of Lanark 1820-1970

History of Lanark Village 1820-1905

Voters' List for the Municipality of the Township of Lanark for the Year 1897

Anniversary of Boyd's United Church 140 Years of Worship

Pakenham: Ottawa Valley Village, 1823-1860

Pakenham: Ottawa Valley Village, 1860-1900

Montague: A Social History of an Irish Ontario Township: 1783-1980

It Only Takes a Spark: The Stewart House Story

History of St. Peter Celestine Church Pakenham Ont.

The United Church of Canada Pakenham Pastoral Charge: 75th Anniversary of the Building and Dedication of St. Andrew's Church Pakenham 1973

Mount Pakenham: An Autobiography

Rock of Faith: 100th Anniversary 1892-1992 St. Peter Celestine Roman Catholic Church Pakenham, Ontario

The Rosamond Romance with the Town of Almonte

Tales From the Doctor's House

A Settlement Pattern Study on the Town of Almonte

The Wind Bloweth Where It Listeth: A History of Almonte United Church and Its Roots, 1821-1981
St. Paul's Church, Almonte, Ontario

Almonte Old Boys' Reunion and Ramsay Censtennial, July 24th to 31st, 1920

Historical Sketches of Almonte Presyterian Church 1833-1983

Almonte Presbyterian Church: The Presbyterian Church in Canada 1865 - Centennial - 1965

Centennial Anniversary of the Almonte Congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church

Old St. Mary's: A Short Biography of The Church of the Holy Name Of Mary, Almonte, Ont.

Almonte: Faces and Places 1880-1980

Medical History of Almonte

Ramsay Reflections 1836-1979

Tait McKenzie and the Mill of Kintail

Founded Upon a Rock: Carleton Place Recollections

St. James' Church, Carleton Place Erected in 1881 Compiled to Commemorate the Centennial of the Founding of the Parish of Carleton Place, Diocese of Ottawa, September, 1934

Businesses, Carleton Place, 1900s

Fourscore and Ten, 1882-1972

Annual Report of St. James'Church 1951

1908 National Evening Methodist Church Carleton Place, Ontario

Souvenir Programme, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada: Centenary Celebration and Old Home Week, august 3rd to 9th, 1924

Street Map With Business & Public Services Directory Town of Carleton Place Ontario 1999

A Matter of Honour: and Other Tales of Early Perth

The Merchants, Professionals and Tradespeople of Perth

Perth Remembered

Perth-On-The-Tay: A Tale of the Transplanted Highlanders

The Canadian Kings of Repertoire: The Story of the Marks Brothers

Perth: Tradition & Style in Eastern Ontario

Perth Walking Tours

Unveiling and Dedication of Historic Plaque for the County Court House and Gaol County of Lanark
Souvenir Perth Old Home Week June 27th to July 4th 1948

Index for The Merchants, Professional and Tradespeople of Perth by Gus Quattrocchi

175 Years of Faith: The Story of the Parish of St. John the Baptist Perth 1823-1998

Joshua Bates: The Hidden Tragedy of the Smiths Falls Heritage House

Smiths Falls: A Social History of the Men and Women in a Rideau Canal Community 1794-1994

The History of Smiths Falls

Smiths Falls Old Home Week, June 30 to July 8, 1950: Souvenir Programme

Who's Who in Smiths Falls: A Pictorial Edition of the Progressive Institutions of the District 1924

History of Fort Hemlock

The Lanark Society Settlers

In Search of Lanark

Pioneer Sketches in the District of Bathurst

Lanark Reflections

A Pioneer History of the County of Lanark

Lanark County's Legacy of Logging

The Story of the Counties of Ontario

Minutes, Reports and By-Laws of the Council of the Corporation of the County of Lanark: January Session, 1958

Pakenham Township

History of the Ramsay Disruption

Inside North Sherbrooke, Vol. I

Township of Drummond List of Reeves Deputy Reeves & Councillors From:1921-1994

Minutes, reports and By-laws of the Council of the Corporation of the County of Lanark: October and December Sessions, 1963

Canadian Pacific: Smiths Falls Division Year Book 1969/1970

Our Heritage, Volume No. 1: Almonte's Mills

The Development of the Woollen Industry in Lanark, Renfrew and Carleton Counties

Woollen Mills in Lanark, Renfrew and Carleton Counties
The Story of Wool

Trustee Book of the Methodist Church of Montague Known As the Pool Appointment
Poole's Ladies Aid, Montague

Minute Book, Blakenay (Ramsay) Young Peoples' Society 1938-1941

Bell Canada,Smiths Falls, Perth, Kemptville, North Gower and Surrounding Territory, April 1970

Rural Mail Directory: Perth and District Including Routes, December 1930
Rural Mail Directory: Perth and District Including Routes, December 1935

In 1915, the First Rural Mail Route Was Established Out of McDonald's Corners, and It Was a Complicated and Demanding Job
Cedar Hill Post Office and Rural Route Number One Pakenham

Lanark Era Subscription List With Addresses (circa 1941)

Almonte Junior Fair, Saturday, September 7, 1985
Almonte Junior Fair, Saturday, September 6, 1986

Beckwith Township fire Department 40th Anniversary

Middleville Agricultural Society, 155th Fair Prize List, Saturday, September 16, 2006

McDonald's Corners Agricultural Society, 130th Anniversary, 1853-1983

North Lanark Agricultural Society Agenda, March 5, 1986
North Lanark Agricultural Society Financial Statements For the Year Ended November 30, 1985

The Story of the Mammoth Cheese From Canada 1893
1893-1993 Mammoth Cheese Celebrations Lanark County, Ontario, Canada, October 1-9, 1993

Perth Fair: A Tradition Built on Exellence, 150th Anniversary, September 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 1995

Lanark County Plowing Match 2006, & Heritage Agricultural Show

St. Paul's United Church, Perth: A Chronicle of 183 Years, 1817-2000
St. Paul's United Church, Perth, Ont.: Its History and Background, 1817-1975

History of Blakeney United Church

History of St. Patrick's Church Ferguson's Falls

Easton's Corners United Church Hundredth Anniversary 1877-1977

First Baptist Church, North Elmsley; Lombardy United Church
Bibliography: Early Churches of Perth, Ontario; Historical Development of St. Paul's Church, Perth
St. George's Anglican Church, Clayton, Ontario, 1901-1976
Church of the Week

History of the Ramsay Disruption

Financial Statement of Methodist Church of Montague Circuit, April 30th, 1920 to April 30th, 1921
For Christ's Crown and Covenant: Almonte Reformed Presbyterian Church
The History of St. Andrew's United Church, Watson's Corners of the Central Lanark Pastoral Charge, 1894-1994
Calvin United Church Bathurst 100th Anniversary 1896-1996

Anniversary of Boyd's United Church
History of McDonald's Corner's Church and Snow Road Presbyterian Churches 1845-1945, 130th Anniversary

The Dammed Lakes -- An Environmental History of Crow and Bobs Lakes

Peter Robinson's Settlers

Valley Irish

The Canadian Mississippi River