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Each year many patrons from Canada and other countries visit the Archives to research their family roots and to learn more about where their ancestors lived. Local historians and genealogists, families, church groups and school children use the Archives.  Intrigued? See for yourself.

The Archives is an independent non-profit organization accountable to its stakeholders, the members of the Lanark County Genealogical Society. It relies on volunteers, the generous support of the Society, users of the facility, and the County of Lanark.  

The foundation of the Archives' collections is the land records for Lanark County. At the beginning of this millennium, the land abstracts along with the supporting deeds and legal documents for all land transactions from the 1860s to the mid 20th century were destined for destruction until a lobby group of historians and genealogists convinced Queen's Park to allow organizations in each of the Counties to take and preserve the records. The Lanark Genealogical Society (LCGS) seized the opportunity and undertook to create and manage a County Archives.

Archives Lanark is an incorporated entity within the Province of Ontario and a registered charity within Canada.

Resource Materials Available

The Lanark County Land Registry Abstract Books and Land Deeds dating from 1868 to 1955

Listings for local cemeteries, census records, early church records of baptisms and marriages 

Scrap-books of births, deaths and marriages gleaned from local newspapers.  Compiled alphabetically, they complement the published indexes of the Almonte Gazette, Lanark Era and Perth Courier 


Original editions of The Almone Gazette, Carleton Place Canadian, Lanark Era and the Perth Courier (also available on microfilm)

Women's Institute Tweedsmuir History Books

Family genealogy studies and local histories.

  Sample of available collections:

  • Ellen Foster Collection, Smiths Falls area
  • Leduc/Steele Collection, Almonte/Ramsay area
  • Microfilm/fiche - local weekly newspapers, Canada Census
  • R.J. Stead photographic & Glass Slides collection (late 1800s)
  • School Registers and Inspectors’ Reports
  • The Poole Papers (County legal documents)
  • Viola Reid Collection, Pakenham area

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