Newspaper Collection

The main newspapers in our collection can be found in paper format or viewed on microfiche/film in our office. Our collection consists mainly of The Perth Courier, Almonte Gazette, Lanark Era and Carleton Place Canadian.

The Perth Courier - microfiche/film format from 1872-2003. Bound copies from the early 1900’s up to 2007.

The Almonte Gazette – we have paper editions of the newspaper ranging from 1930 – 2008. Some issues are missing. Our microfilm/fiche collection covers between 1861-1979.

The Lanark Era – we have both paper editions (many quite fragile from the early 1900’s, to a robust collection from the 1980’s to present. We also have the Lanark Era on microfilm from 1903 – 2000.

The Carleton Place Herald – view on microfiche from 1855 – 1875.

The Carleton Place Canadian – 1930’s – 2008 in paper editions. Many of the early papers are quite fragile and are not a complete collection.

The Smiths Falls Record News – viewed via microfiche/film from 1887-1982 and from 1985-2003.

If you would like to view a particular edition, please contact us at to confirm that we indeed have the edition you are looking for and to arrange a time to view the paper.